Andrew Mitchell

Full Stack Developer focused in Python, Flask and JavaScript

I am a Full Stack developer located in New Jersey. I develop innovative solutions and automate workflows to make life easier for you. Check out my Portfolio for past work, and feel free to reach out via my Contact information if you have any projects you would like to hire me for.


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  Python, Flask, JQuery, Chart.JS, mySQL

  A dashboard to provide stats on the dPoW network.

  Distributed Proof of Work Dashboard

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  Python, Flask, JQuery, Chart.JS, mySQL

  Dark Mode dashboard for the Boom POW! network.

  Boom POW! Dark Mode Dashboard

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  Python, Twitter API, Telegram API, Flask, mySQL

  Automated bot to facilitate sending Nano on Twitter.

  Nano Tip Bot

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  Python, Redis, MQTT, mySQL

  Middleware to provide business logic for the Kitepay Payment Processor.


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